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Practical Process Control
for the more difficult processes

This course is a concentrated four day course which examines the more advanced features of the design, testing, simulation and optimisation of control systems for the more difficult processes. Lectures, demonstrations and the Protuner 32 software with dynamic simulator are used to teach the concepts and necessary techniques to successfully optimise operation in your plant.

This course is for project, process control, instrument and system engineers who wish to increase their practical knowledge on general, as well as more complex, applications of process control.

Upon successful completion of this course the student will be able to:

Make practical use of frequency plots to obtain optimum tuning parameters that meet specific requirements.
Implement advanced control concepts such as error squared, adaptive gain, integral only, "P" only and deadtime dominant controllers.
Optimise the operation of dynamically coupled interactive processes.
Implement feedforward dynamic compensators to reduce the effect of load disturbances by an order of magnitude on the controlled variable.
Make use of modelling techniques to experiment with various control strategies off-line before applying them on the plant

Basic modeling
Feedforward control
Combined feedforward and feedback control
Coupling and interaction
Decoupling by frequency techniques
Multivariable decouplers
Frequency plot basics
Tuning a controller from the frequency plot
Process dynamics of practically all classes of process
Tuning techniques for difficult process types

4 DAYS held in our training centre or on site.

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