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Introduction & Appreciation
of practical process control

Generally, for a variety of reasons, the majority of control loops in most plants are operating inefficiently. Operators often accept as natural that loops are generally tuned sluggishly and are quite happy to place them into manual control to deal with load changes. The correct training enables these people to judge if their controls are indeed working adequately, and what to expect from them. In plants where we have presented this course, a new spirit of co-operation between the various disciplines has emerged, where as previously parochial attitudes and active mistrust of instrument personnel had prevailed.

This course is designed for people who are involved in process control such as operators, process engineers, chemical engineers and production personnel, who may not be sufficiently aware how control systems work and in particular the potential of feedback control.

Upon successful completion of this course the student should be able to evaluate:

The purpose of each element in the control loop.
The reason for various control strategies. 
The role performed by instrument engineers and technicians. 
The importance of teamwork for successful operation of the plant. 
Problems that often occur in loops. 
How optimally tuned loops should behave

The Feedback Loop
Control From The Operators Viewpoint
Common measuring techniques
The current situation
The regulating device
The desirable situation
The process 
The importance of teamwork between disciplines
The controller 
Control strategies
Practical Demonstration on Simulator
Tuning Methods 
General discussion on tuning methods
Loop analysers Loop Analysis Problems in loops 
The behaviour of various types of optimally tuned loops.

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