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PROTUNING UK is Europe's leading specialist in the highly innovative field of Process Control Loop Analysis and Tuning of Regulatory Control Systems. Over the last two decades our engineers have built up a vast portfolio of clients worldwide, most noticeably in America, South Africa, Europe and throughout the UK. In every single case we have been able to improve the performance of control systems. Our highly-trained teams of trouble-shooting engineers can quickly identify control loop problems and tune regulatory controllers on-line with almost no interruption to production. Using all the revolutionary techniques offered by the Protuner 32 Control System Analyser, they can help you increase efficiency, reduce down- times, and most crucially, boost bottom-line profits. Process industries continue to spend millions of pounds on state-of-the-art control systems but our experience shows that a disturbingly high proportion of these systems are NOT operating correctly - nowhere near it - and even more disturbingly, most companies are completely unaware of this fact.

Time after time, our research has proved that buying cutting-edge control systems, packed with all the latest advanced control software, does NOT guarantee good control. The regulatory PID controller is at the heart of 95 percent of process industry control systems, but if the PID control loops are not performing efficiently there is simply no point in implementing advanced control technology. Knowledge gained from testing thousands upon thousands of regulatory control systems has given us an all-encompassing understanding of how they really work.

We know the demands placed on those responsible for instrumentation and the operation of process control equipment have increased dramatically in recent years. It's one of the prices to be paid for the relentless pace at which new technologies are advancing. New equipment offers bold new possibilities, but in order to exploit them, the frontiers of knowledge must keep pace. All too often the spread of knowledge lags far behind the pace of technology and when that is linked to the tendency to ignore basic control requirements, industrial plant cannot operate at optimum efficiency levels. Having learnt more about the capabilities and limitations of their control equipment, it is usual for our clients to report that they have rectified long-standing control problems. And, just as significantly, generating improved process efficiencies has encouraged management and production decision makers to link control loop analysis, and tuning, with boosted profits.

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